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Issue 12/2013
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December 10, 2013

To commemorate OUR LATEST COVER story we at DM are offering a dollar for dollar credit based on any purchases of Daniel Marshall Cigars made BY December 10, 2013; from any of our points of sale    

If you purchase a box of DM Red Label Cigars or our exclusive DM 24kt Golden Torpedo Cigars and you send us a copy of your purchase receipt, we will issue you a merchandise credit for the amount of your cigar purchase that you can use to buy any DM Humidor we have in stock.  As an example, spend USD $200 on DM Cigars, and you get a USD $200 credit voucher to use to buy a DM Humidor from us. 

Below are exerts from the article: 


Long time friend and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the launch of the DM Red label Cigars in Kitzbuhel, Austria


The worldwide first Daniel Marshall Cigar Lounge in the sophisticated Country Club Kitzbuhel/Austria. 


"Actually, the humidor is so beautiful that I'm going to start smoking better cigars." ~ George Burns



"We don't smoke cigars, we taste them"
  - Daniel Marshall