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Issue 12/2013
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December 10, 2013

To commemorate OUR LATEST COVER story we at DM are offering a dollar for dollar credit based on any purchases of Daniel Marshall Cigars made BY December 10, 2013; from any of our points of sale    

If you purchase a box of DM Red Label Cigars or our exclusive DM 24kt Golden Torpedo Cigars and you send us a copy of your purchase receipt, we will issue you a merchandise credit for the amount of your cigar purchase that you can use to buy any DM Humidor we have in stock.  As an example, spend USD $200 on DM Cigars, and you get a USD $200 credit voucher to use to buy a DM Humidor from us. 

Below are exerts from the article: 


Long time friend and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the launch of the DM Red label Cigars in Kitzbuhel, Austria


The worldwide first Daniel Marshall Cigar Lounge in the sophisticated Country Club Kitzbuhel/Austria. 


"Actually, the humidor is so beautiful that I'm going to start smoking better cigars." ~ George Burns



"We don't smoke cigars, we taste them"
  - Daniel Marshall

The creation of a Daniel Marshall Humidor requires nearly four months. From the time that Mr. Marshall personally selects the rarest, most exotic and brilliantly patterned woods to final lacquering and polishing, the humidor has passed 175 individual and delicate procedures.

The interior of the Daniel Marshall Cigar Humidor is done in untreated Spanish cedar. The unique construction of the Daniel Marshall Humidor works in concert with the natural cedar to enable fine cigars to become 'alive'. Inside the humidor, the cigars will take on character, flavors will become more enhanced and mellow with age. This special environment allows the rich oils in the cedar to mature and delicately coat the wrapper of the cigar with the famous silken texture that is so desired.

Exceptional humidification is achieved by a DM self-regulating device that is time proven and guaranteed to automatically regulate the atmosphere in the humidor at approximately 70%. Over time, this system does not need replacement and requires addition of distilled water on a four to six week basis.

Daniel Marshall Desk and Jewelry Collections are fashioned with the same delicate care as his humidors. Swedish linoleum provides a perfect writing surface for the desk pad. Rich, Japanese suedes blend beautifully with brilliant woods.

It is Mr. Marshall's desire that each piece become a cherished investment that will bring pleasure throughout the years and for generations to come.

For published reading about Daniel Marshall Humidors, please see the following publications:

Daniel Marshall has created a well-received, highly reviewed quality box-aged cigar collection from the Dominican Republic and Honduras. These DM Cigars are patiently cedar box-aged for one year prior to release, hand selected, graded and carefully set into Cuban-style cabinets by DM, assuring an exceptional smoke. Please inquire at a fine tobacconist and see our section on this site for rating and reviews.

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Daniel Marshall is the first to create and combine the ancient game of chess with cigars. Two of his favorite pastimes. Rosewood and hard rock Maple-Lead weighted chessmen rest atop a rosewood and maple board.
Cedar lining inside the humidor drawer that includes a digital meter, humidification system, mounted magnet for your favorite cutter and room for your lighter. The chessmen rest in the opposite drawer to the cigar drawer. Will hold up to 40 cigars.
Dimensions: 15 1/2" x 14 5/8" x 3 1/8"

Read Cigar Aficionado's story about this unique humidor

DM Signed and Numbered
Precious Burl Beveled Glass Cabinet (Holds 12 to 15 full Boxes and 100 loose cigars)
Comes complete with digital meter, pull out cedar tray and 4 self regulating humidity units that maintain the proper humidity levels.
60010 Slim Travel Humidor (12 Cigars)
(8½" x 8½" x 1")
60011 Desk/Travel Humidor (16 Cigars)
(9½" x 6½" x 1¾")
30020 Upright Cigar/Tobacco Humidor
(6" x 6" x 8")
30050 50 Size Humidor with one Divider
(10" x 8½" x 4½")

New - 65 and 125 size DM Precious Wood Humidors
Available in Cocobolo Rosewood, Burl and now Macassar Ebony and Birdseye Maple

30065 65 Size Humidor with lock and divider
(11" x 8½" x 4½")

Cocobolo Rosewood, Macassar Ebony and Burl 65 size shown.

30125 125 Size Humidor with lock/two dividers
(14" x 10" x 5½")

Burl 125 size shown open and closed.

30100 100 Size Humidor with Lock/2 Dividers
(12" x 9" x 5½")
20100 Limited Edition 100 Cigar Humidor in Vavona Burl
(11" x 10" x 5¾")

This humidor was created to hold 100 Churchill cigars and to be the sister size humidor to the popular 20165 165 Cigar Humidor featured below. Two dividers, lock and tasseled key.
20150 Zebrawood "Ambiente by Daniel Marshall
150 Cigar Humidor
New for 2005
with DM Humidity Regulator
(14½" x 9¾" x 7")

Click here to read Cigar Aficionado's Review on this humidor
Cedar Left out Tray optional.
Hygrometer and marking calendar optional.
20165 Limited Series 2002 165 Cigar Humidor with Lock & Cedar Cover for Humidity Regulator
(15" x 11½" x 6")

This humidor was rated "A" and was the only humidor to receive a "Best Buy" designation in Cigar Aficionado's most recent Humidor Review. Click here to go to rating.
30150 150 Size Humidor with Lock & Tray
(17½" x 10¾" x 6")
30250 250 Size Humidor with Lock & 2 Trays
(21" x 13" x 7")
30500 500 Size Humidor with 4 Trays, with large compartment under trays
(20" x 15" x 16")
70200 150 Size Cigar Cabinet with six drawers
(11" x 11" x 11")

The Daniel Marshall Signature Collection
Signature Treasure Chests

The gently curving silhouette of the lid, solid brass inlaid handles and lock make these Treasure Chests an unprecedented way to care for precious cigars.

The sensual form of the lid transforms the rare Burl wood into a pattern that appears in motion. The urge to caress these cannot be resisted.

Daniel Marshall will create a limited number of these chests and will personally sign, date, number and dedicate each chest to the individual collector.

Hand signed and dedicated to each collector by Daniel Marshall.
90050 50 Cigar Treasure Chest with one divider and handles
90100 100 Cigar Treasure Chest with two dividers, lock, and handles
90125 2005 Limited Edition DM TREASURE CHEST for 125 cigars.
*90150 150 Cigar Treasure Chest with tray, lock, handles, two dividers in tray, two dividers in lower compartment
* This Treasure Chest was featured in Cigar Aficionado, May 1997, third cover "DANIEL MARSHALL ON LOCATION" layout in Arnold Schwarzenegger's office.

PLEASE NOTE: For interior sizes of humidors, (50 Cigar and up), deduct 1.5" from length and width measurements shown. Cigar capacities are based on corona sized cigars.

Ambiente Humidors
Daniel Marshall

The only Humidor Rated "Best Buy" in Cigar Aficionado's, April/May 1997 review of humidors.

"At home in any room, with any décor, the straightforward Ambiente is a workhorse with style. It's also the best bargain in the market. The box is sleek and charming in its simplicity and its performance was superb, keeping our cigars silky and perfect."
- Cigar Aficionado, March/April 1997

'Ambiente' Humidors by Daniel Marshall are available in Matte Black and Bordeaux Lacquer's.

10025 25 Cigar "AMBIENTE" Desk/Travel
(10" x 8" x 1¾")
(No Picture)
    Finished in the same style as our popular black Ambiente - a clean Matte Black Finish. Complete with humidification system and divider. Makes an ideal gift, as well as a functional and attractive desk/travel humidor.
20065 65 Cigar "AMBIENTE" Humidor
(11" x 8½" x 4½")
    With one divider, gold covered hinges, lock and key
20065.5K 65 Cigar "AMBIENTE" Humidor
(11" x 8½" x 4½")
    Matte Black Piano Finish
    With Two Dividers, Lock and Key
20065.5GK 65 Cigar "AMBIENTE" Humidor
(11" x 8½" x 4½")
    High Gloss Black Piano Finish with Silver Trim
    With One Divider, Silver Covered Hinges, Lock and Key
20125.5GK 125 Cigar "AMBIENTE" Humidor
(14" x 10" x 5½")
    High Gloss Black Piano Finish with Silver Trim
    With Two Dividers, Silver Covered Hinges, Lock and Key

20125 125 Cigar "AMBIENTE" Humidor
(14" x 10" x 5½")
    With two dividers, gold covered hinges, lock and key
20125.6GK 125 Cigar "AMBIENTE" Humidor
(14" x 10" x 5½")
    High Gloss Rich Bordeaux Piano Finish with Ebony Trim.
    With two dividers, gold covered hinges, lock and key.
AMBIENTE HUMIDORS will come with our Humidification System, DM Hygrometer, a four ounce bottle of special care solution, an empty bottle for distilled water, and a polished brass plate that can be used for initials or personal message, as well as our Monthly Marking Device.

Stunning Butter Soft Italian Leather Travel/Desk Humidors
Master Leather Crafters in Gianni Versace's famous handbag laboratory in Italy, hand tool these exquisite humidors to Daniel Marshall's specifications.

This design sports rarely seen leather work, beautiful stitched edges, soft buttery Italian Leather, gilded closures and Daniel Marshall fitted Spanish Cedar interiors with self-regulating humidification units that are attractively enclosed in a removable compartment. This limited edition of only 100 pieces will be hand-signed and numbered by Daniel Marshall.

With gold lock and one divider (holds 33 Robustos or 22 Churchills) With gold lock and one divider (holds 33 Robustos or 22 Churchills) The DM hallmark, delicately imprinted on top of these cases, finish off these masterpieces with style.

60025 Leather Desk/Travel Humidor (33 Cigars)
(9½" x 6½" x 3")
    With gold lock and one divider (holds 33 Robustos or 22 Churchills)
60003 Silky Leather Three Cigar Pocket Case
(9½" x 6½" x 3")
    Elegantly holds all sizes of cigars. Especially designed to be extremely light and comfortable to carry in your jacket pocket.

60070 Quartz Cigar Lighter
(3" x 3" x 3")

60080 Crystal Ashtray/Precious Wood Base
(7" x 7" x 1")

New Additions to the Daniel Marshall Signature Series

These beautiful humidors that Daniel Marshall has created are unique pieces not available elsewhere. He will build these items to order. Each piece built will be hand-signed, dated and numbered.

10200 Beveled Glass 200 Cigar Humidor
(16½" x 11¾" x 9")
    Crafted in Cocobolo Rosewood. This innovative Windowed Humidor is designed to allow the Cigar Connoisseur to age full boxes of cigars below the lift out tray and at the same time to beautifully display the attractive cigar boxes your cigar come in. Lower compartment holds four boxes of cigars (more boxes depending on size). Tray holds 60 Churchill Cigars. Humidification system mounted below tray on rear glass wall. Complete with monthly marking calendar.
30150G Beveled Glass Top 150 Cigar Humidor
(17½" x 10¾" x 6")
(No Picture)
    Crafted in Birdseye Maple with Lock, Tray, Dividers, and Digital Hygrometer Striking Maple with DM trademark black ebony edging sports a contemporary as well as a classic look.
These impressive humidors are designed for the cigar smoker who exclusively smokes and ages Churchill Sized Cigars. Each Humidor is guaranteed to hold the indicated number of full sized Churchill or Double Corona sized cigars.
30050C 66 Cigar Churchill Humidor
with lock and one divider
(10¾" x 9¼" x 5¾")
30100C 100 Cigar Churchill Humidor
with lock and two dividers
(14½" x 9¼" x 6¼")

Wood Descriptions

Cocobolo Rosewood

Source: Western Brazil
Cocobolo, a true, striking rosewood that is colored with vivid reds exhibiting a consistent straight grain pattern.

Source: Mediterranean Coastline
Burl is a stunning, rich, amber-colored wood that has intense figure and pattern. Today, this precious wood remains extremely rare.

Birdseye Maple
Source: North America
Maple sports a contemporary but classic look that is set off beautifully with the famous Daniel Marshall trademark black ebony edging.

Miscellaneous Items
Please note, all DM Wood Cigar Humidors will come complete with full instructions for use, humidification systems, magnetic monthly marking device, special care moistener solutions and keys (where applicable).

Following List is for Additional or Spare Items
90000 Magnetic Monthly Marking Device
(For keeping track of refill/recharge dates)

90041 Wood Sliding Cover for humidification system

Brass Handles Installed on 150 Cigar Humidor

90060 Large Humidification Gauge (70mm with wood ring)

90040 Humidification System

90071 Special Care Moistener (large 4oz. bottle)

900402 Davidoff Cigar Cutter w/Magnet for Installation

90506 Engraving of Plate charge

90510 Digital Thermometer/Humidity meter

Notes Regarding the Daniel Marshall Cigar Humidor

Enclosed with each cigar humidor will come instructions that detail the maintenance and function of the humidification system. These regulators need to be charged with distilled water every 4 to 6 weeks after initial break in period of 10 to 14 days. Initially, and then every six months, the addition of the DM Special Care Moistener is required to allow the regulator to maintain the ideal humidity inside your humidor.

This time proven and guaranteed DM regulator automatically regulates the atmosphere in the humidor at 68% to 72% humidity. The function of the system is based on the principals of evaporation and natural absorption and replicates inside the cigar box a climate similar to that of the regions in the world that fine tobacco is grown and aged.

The analog style hygrometers that we install in our Wood Humidor Collection's are the best quality made. Analog-Style Hygrometers are known to be quite inaccurate and should be used only as a reference. Movements of humidity that the meters show will indicate changes of condition inside your humidor. We have found that some of the meters can have an error of up to 10%. Additional details about the hygrometers will be enclosed with your humidor. If you like, instead of the analog style hygrometer, we can install digital hygrometers at a nominal charge into all the humidors.


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The Daniel Marshall collection is available at fine luxury goods retailers and tobacconists world wide.

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