Daniel Marshall

The Daniel Marshall Sterling Silver Humidor

Limited Edition of 10 Humidors world wide. Hand Signed and numbered by Daniel Marshall

No other Sterling Humidor is known to being created by any other artist today- making this piece extremely rare and unique.

3 kg (6.6 pounds) of Precious Sterling Silver was used to create this rare and unique humidor.
Daniel Marshall humidor covered in 1mm sterling plate by Italian Master Silver smiths in Florence Italy

The bottom of the box is covered in Sterling Silver as well

This may be the only humidor that has investment potential and can go up in value as at today's Silver price, the silver content alone is worth over $2,000

Code: 30100 SS
$ 15,000

100 Cigar Capacity

We can engrave initials or collectors logo on the top

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The Daniel Marshall collection is available at fine luxury goods retailers and tobacconists world wide.

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